RelaxationTitle_separator Atoll, the chalet’s swim spa

Get in and relax: the balneotherapy jets, the water temperature, the soothing lights and relaxing music will lift you far above the peaks of Méribel. A small lounge adds a tropical flavour to your holiday in the mountains...
The chalet's roofed and heated swim spa/jacuzzi (6 x 2.2 m) gives onto the terrace facing due south, with a fantastic view of the mountains. It includes a waterfall shower and a sports programme for counter-current swimming.

RelaxationTitle_separator Toundra, the chalet’s sauna

The wonderful feeling of a sauna after a day's skiing!
Toundra is a fully equipped wooden sauna, also providing aromatherapy. It can accommodate up to 4 people.

RelaxationTitle_separator Tropique, the chalet’s steam baths

Tropique is a superb facility covered with mosaics in the tradition of Moorish baths.
It can accommodate up to 8 people, relaxed by the steam and aromatherapy.

RelaxationTitle_separator Cariboos, the chalet’s massage lounge

You can be massaged every day by a qualified physiotherapist in this 23 m2 lounge, relaxing you, relieving tensions, so you can let go, revitalize your body and find new energy.

Cariboos has the same equipment as a professional massage establishment: massage table, UV lamp, electrotherapy, cryotherapy, shower room with Italian style shower and toilet. The lounge can be used as an additional bedroom for one person or a couple.


RelaxationTitle_separator Galena, the chalet’s movie theatre

Choose from one of the 1500 films in the Tyrosolios film library... and enjoy! In this 22 seat 40 m2 movie theatre equipped with professional cinema equipment, you can enjoy movies or watch your day on the slopes!
Galena has a 3.5 x 2 m screen, a Blu Ray and HD DVD player and a Surround 7THX, Dolby, Prologic sound system. You can use the facility at any time free of charge, and request any film. The machines in the projection room must be operated by qualified chalet personnel only.

RelaxationTitle_separator Marathon, the chalet’s fitness room

The mountains make you feel great... so does Marathon!
The gym is equipped like a professional gym club, with a selection of Technogym training apparatus for cardio-training and bodybuilding.